Red Squirrel Collection

red squirrel surface pattern design

I wanted the Red Squirrel Collection to show the squirrel's surroundings, so I added some of it's favourite tree leaves into the patterns and also some of its recognised food, nuts and acorns. The colour scheme is based on the natural fur colourings and some brighter contrasting colours for a more modern effect. The following shows a hero design, some placements, secondaries and blenders, I still have some editing to do to refine the final collection and choose which ones from all these to submit into that.

I wanted the hero to be busy and focusing more on two of the key colours around the squirrels with a hint of the yellow coming through in some little leaves. This was half dropped to give it a more pleasing repeat.

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  • red squirrel woodland animal repeat design
  • repeat design of leaves
  • leaves and foliage surface pattern design

red squirrel secondary pattern design
linear seamless repeat
linear yellow seamless repeat pattern
  • pink and blue leafy surface pattern design
  • yellow and blue seamless repeat of leaves
  • blender surface pattern design