I'm Tahlia, Founder of Tahlia Paige, I'm a surface pattern designer and maker, and I love hedgehogs!
Tahlia Paige, founder, holding up two prints and a hedgehog patterned pouch at a craft fair
If you've spent any time on my website so far, you'll probably have noticed that there's hedgehogs everywhere. As a surface pattern designer, I draw and design those prints you see on all those products, and honestly it's one of my favourite parts of the job.
My business was launched in May 2021, and grew from a lockdown project where I bought myself a trail camera for the garden, and put out some hedgehog food. After months of searching, I finally managed to capture a hedgehog on the camera, and he continued to come back every night. You can see some videos of this little guy and some other creatures here.
Hedgehog image drawn by Tahlia Paige on procreate
From these nightly visits, I designed my hedgehog pattern collection, and also the red squirrel, hare and dormouse designs. One day I also hope to catch these on my camera, or spend some time in places where I can see them properly. These species in particular stuck out to me because of their endangered or declining statuses, once creatures we could expect to see quite often, are getting harder and harder to see even at the best of times. You can read about some of these animals and their stories over on the blog: 
See the Blog
Bright green hedgehog pattern with several hedgehogs and leaves, foliage and flowers surrounding them
I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Textiles, in 2020 during the pandemic. Throughout University I had considered starting my own business, some of my projects had similar subjects, I stitched portraits of woodland creatures and focused designs on animals and insects locally.
I grew up in rural Carmarthenshire, outside a town called Llandovery, and was always interested in art and animals through school. After spending my early childhood in a built-up area near Pontypridd, RCT, I think being able to see farmyard animals in my neighbors' gardens and the odd squirrel or fox in my own was just so cool when I didn't see anything beyond a cat where I used to live.
Eventually we started getting some animals too, chickens, pigs, sheep (and lambs!) and quickly learnt how much I loved taking care of them. I got a dog too, who served as the subject of my first pet portrait, so I was never short of inspiration when I started working on my arts during my GCSEs.
close up product photography of the reusable skincare pads with the various surface pattern designs on them
That seems like so long ago now! Fast-forward a few years, I finished school, had a gap year, finished University, and am now living in my own place in Swansea working on my business. This can involve so many tasks, drawing, pattern-designing, emails, admin, website maintence, photography, sewing, packaging, and so much more. I love it though, it's been such a great experience so far running my business and I'm excited for the future.
If you'd like to get in touch, contact me here. I'd love to hear from you!


Tahlia x