Why my Business is Called 'Tahlia Paige'

Why my Business is Called 'Tahlia Paige'

This may seem like a silly one right? Tahlia Paige is my name, first and middle anyway.

I didn't fancy using my last name (it's David) not because I dislike it or anything, just I think because it's a masculine first name it didn't give what I wanted for my business. Tahlia Paige however, both feminine names which I think reflects my pretty products quite well.

I grew up like most other people with an unusual name grew up, having my name misspelt and mis-pronounced in class. Which you know, is fine, mistakes are made, but when it's consistent with no effort made to correct it, it's pretty rude. And the worst culprits were always teachers. 

It did begin to take a toll on how much I liked my name, I thought about being old enough to change it when I was young, looking forward to finally being an adult so I could change it. Over the years as I got older it did begin to grow on me again, and when I was in Uni and in need of a 'Business' name for my work as a pattern designer, I didn't even consider anything else.

It actually came from an old alien TV show, which if you know me, is quite a fitting weird origin story. Oh although my mother did stick a silent H in there too, just to make extra sure it was hard to pronounce haha.

Tahlia Paige begun and as a business name, I liked it. I see Tahlia now as a unique and memorable name, and the Paige keeps it personal to me, which works great for my business.

I think a big reason why I wanted to start my own business was keeping my work mine, I would love to see things on shop shelves with my name on it and didn't like the idea of working behind a larger name, and now I can say I'm working under a name that I am really proud of.

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