Why It's Important to Treat Yourself

Why It's Important to Treat Yourself

I am a big fan of treating myself, this does not always have to mean spending a lot of money, or taking a lot of time away from work, but can be as simple as enjoying a nice bath to relax after a long week, or picking up a chocolate bar in the next food shop.

It can be harder to justify a treat nowadays when the cost of living has gone up, but I also think some people find it easier to enjoy a treat when other things can seem a bit too much. That’s why I think treating yourself is important, with everything we have had to put up with in the last few years, it’s deserved.

I think in recent years everything has become very money-based, like even hobbies feel like they have to be monetised or productive to be allowed the time to do them. So treating yourself to some free time to relax or do something you enjoy can be so beneficial.

So why are we talking about this? I hear it a lot at craft fayres, someone who will love something they have found, but um and ah about the price until their friend will say ‘Go on! Treat yourself!’ and it does usually help sway the person to buy it, like being given permission that it’s okay to buy something you know you’ll enjoy.

This is your sign to treat yourself and go for it, whether it’s a little something that’s been in your Etsy favourites for a while or you just want a day to yourself. 

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