Why I Love Animals as a Subject

Why I Love Animals as a Subject

If you look through my patterns, giftware products, even my sketchbooks, you'll notice a lot of animals. Woodland animals, underwater animals, pets, all kinds. I do love drawing them, they just have so much character that I can't get from inanimate objects.

I've always loved animals, and when I moved to a small holding around age 10 I got to see a lot more of them. We finally got a dog and I helped take care of chickens, pigs, sheep, lambs, doves, ferrets, fish, guinea pigs, a rabbit, a horse and even a hedgehog. We don't have many animals left now, just the dog and occasionally some friend's sheep in the disused field, but we saw a lot come through in the near 14 years we have lived there.

I think some of my favourites were the lambs, if I had one now I'd be taking photos of it everyday and dressing it up for Halloween, but back then the phone cameras weren't so good, so all I have is a few dodgy blurred shots. I used to get up quite early and bottle-feed them, which was tiring and cold sometimes, but looking back I'm really grateful for the experience of it and being able to watch them grow up. I think it also taught me I lot about life and death which was useful in coping with it growing up. 

Back to my work, I have evolved a little since starting to study art and design as opposed to just a hobby, I went from normally using pencils and paints to graphic drawing, which I love because of how easy it is to get the exact bold colours I love.

I do miss drawing for real though too, I really want to start doing some again, perhaps filming them and making them into reels for my Instagram page. Keep an eye out on my Instagram page for these in the coming weeks:

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