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Why I Enjoy Giving Gifts

Gift-giving is a long-standing tradition for birthdays and Christmas in particular, as well as other smaller occasions, like graduation, retirement, sympathy, new home, new baby, so many different occasions where we like to show our affection for others through giving a gift, or a card.

So why do I enjoy giving gifts?

I enjoy showing affection to my friends through thoughtful gifts, I like to find things that suit them and would make them smile. Shopping for a gift can be quite fun as well, providing I left myself enough time to do so, and am not rushing out in Mid December for the Christmas rush.


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Treating Someone

A lot of people don’t treat themselves to things they really want, maybe it’s just not a need, maybe they don’t feel like they should be spending money, whatever the reason, treating someone to something they usually wouldn’t buy for themselves is a nice surprise for them.

Seeing a Reaction to Something Special

It is lovely when someone opens a gift and you can tell they really like it, putting a smile on your friend’s face is a lovely way to celebrate their birthday, especially when you put a lot of thought into their gift and you know they’ll make good use of it. 

gift wrapping in brown paper for christmas

Giving a gift is a lovely thing to do for a friend, relative, partner, or anyone else in your life that you want to spoil a little. You can check out some of our other blog posts for gifts for affordability, mothers, crafters, and many more!

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