Why Gifts at Tahlia Paige are Unique

Why Gifts at Tahlia Paige are Unique

At Tahlia Paige, we like to design gifts that are unique, thoughtful and useful. This is why much of our collection is based around lifestyle and making things easier, whether that be a reusable skincare routine or storage around the home.

You may look at our collection and ask, ‘What’s unique about a makeup bag?’. It’s true, there’s a lot of makeup bags out there, but what makes our bags truly unique is our designs.


Every design you see across our products in the shop has been designed in-house by founder Tahlia, starting with simple sketches through digital illustration and seamless repeat making, to get these patterns printed on our lovely fabrics and made into a gift to be shipped out to you in a couple of days.

Even if you were to order two makeup bags in the same pattern, there would be slight differences between them in where the pattern starts and ends.

Aside from our bespoke pattern designs, we also like to focus on products that are more niche, such as reusable skincare for those looking to reduce their waste and impact on the globe, and brushwraps, for artists and those who need a soft case for carrying all important tools.

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