Why Gifts?

Why Gifts?

I’ve always loved giving gifts, and I think it makes you think more deeply about your friendships and relationships when you think of what you would like to give to someone. I realise how well I know someone when I spot something I know they will love, and it feels lovely when it is well-received and used by them.


That’s why when I thought about what industry I wanted to go into with my pattern designs, I realised gifts were the way to go. It also gives me a lot of room to expand if I want to, as gifts can cover a lot of categories by itself as well.

The collection started with a few classics, a makeup bag, reusable skincare pads and scrunchies, and soon expanded to similar items that go great together. It’s important to me that I create things that I enjoy too, things that I can see people using and enjoying as much as I enjoyed designing them.

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