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Where to Start with Self-Care

Self-Care is becoming a much more discussed topic, a source for gifts, and a great way for a lot of us to cope in stressful environments and situations. It can include so much, from health and fitness, skincare and makeup, hobbies, time alone, it really depends on what you think you need to do more of, or how you want to feel going forward.

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When I felt stressed and anxious all the time, I realised I was working an awful lot and not really spending any time on myself or away from my responsibilities. I am very lucky of course to be able to take some time away sometimes, I don’t have children, only a little dog, and I work on my business from home so I am able to squeeze things in that perhaps someone who works elsewhere and commutes is unable to find time for.

The first thing I started was making sure I was getting to bed at a decent time, I loved staying up late but I was getting up far too late in the morning, feeling groggy and unproductive, and staying up later to try and make up for the lost time in the mornings. Over time, this habit helped, I slept better, and naturally started needing less sleep and waking up a bit earlier in the mornings. Now, I’m up before nine at the very latest every day and still able to stay up until midnight if I want to.


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I also started reading books again, I loved reading when I was a child, but went literally years without it. I got some of my old favourite books back out, and quickly fell into them again. I ended up finishing 60 books last year, and am still working through my to-read list this year. It just meant I had some time away from a screen, something to do other than mindlessly scroll facebook, and was enjoying stories again.

So where would you like to start?

A skincare routine is a good one if you want to improve skin, or help preserve it for later in life. I started using retinol for that purpose, and moisturisers and SPF for everyday softness and protection from the sun. A simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine is good for getting that habit started, and will leave your skin feeling smoother and refreshed.

I created reusable skincare pads for helping with the skincare routine, as they are reusable, they also help reduce waste to the environment and I like using them, so I think it encourages me to stick to my routine when I make it enjoyable.

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Taking a break

Like reading for me, taking a break from the activities of work life, or all the stress around the house may be a good habit to get into to avoid burning out. This can include reading a book, starting a hobby, even taking a nice walk in the evenings, perhaps yoga or some other healthy lifestyle hobby.

Taking a break is important to keep you refreshed, perhaps even writing in a journal in the evenings may help to take some of the stress off from the day and become an enjoyable hobby.

Health and Wellbeing

Personally I love the gym, I love the routine and the process of starting to feel stronger. There’s so much you could do for self-care around health and wellness, including the gym, yoga class, swimming, walking for activity, or then eating and sleep as different sides.

Perhaps you need to eat a little healthier, or try to drink more water in a day, or like me, you need to change up your sleep routine to get more time in the day or feel better on waking up.

A sleepmask may help for better sleep, especially when the sun comes through the window so late at night and early in the morning. Darkness can help to shut things off and leave you feeling more refreshed in the mornings.

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So whether you want to start a skincare routine, or enjoy a new hobby, self care has a place for everyone somewhere, for enjoyability, a better routine, or even a healthier life.

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