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What to do for Birthdays Close to Christmas

As an October baby, it's not something I can really relate to, but Christmas wrapping paper, recycled Christmas gifts or apologies for forgetting are amongst some of the stories sometimes heard by people with Winter birthdays.

For these reasons I feel like it's always lovely to make these birthdays extra-special, so I thought I'd share a few ideas of how to do that!


1. Custom Wrapping Paper

wrapping paper design

Have you seen the customised wrapping paper you can get now? What a lovely touch than wrapping your gifts with paper patterned with your receiver's name, favourite foods, pet dog, whatever you think they would like!


2.  A Thoughtful Outing

A lot of outings around Christmas revolve around the holiday a lot, nothing wrong with this at all and if the person enjoys a Winter Wonderland or ice skating then it may be the perfect trip. If they are impartial to the festive season and would prefer to do something different, there's still a lot of lovely things you can do this time of year with the weather and everything.

beach in wales

If the person loves animals, perhaps some animal themed gifts and a visit to a sanctuary may be perfect. If they prefer a pamper, perhaps some skincare essentials and a pamper day at a spa. This time of year we are definitely bombarded with Christmas-themed events, but there is definitely more out there!


3. Do not combine holidays!

A common complaint of festive birthday babies may be getting a bit of a two-in-one, which I think does take some of the occasion out of the birthday, especially if it's not on Christmas day. None of these points are meant as ungrateful or critical of course, just from the perspective of giving someone a special day I thought including a 'Dont' may be useful!


4. Plan Ahead

I have a couple of birthdays in my calendar around Christmas, and to be honest this year I was lucky to get my Christmas shopping done in time for Christmas, which often doesn't leave much time for thinking about other events, especially when the events are soon after Christmas and the shops close over the holidays!

That's why I plan ahead, especially in busy times. This includes the summer for me now as my business gets busy with events, as well as November and December for Christmas, and February for wholesale, so I do sometimes have to check my calendar on what needs to get done in these busy times and make sure I have time to do it.

plan ahead

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash


I treated a January birthday this year almost as another person, so thinking of the person as two and doing something for Christmas and something for their birthday, which helped me to shop thoughtfully and avoiding Christmas-themed gifts for the non-Christmas celebration.


5. Shop the Sales

The great thing about a January birthday is all the sales on at the moment, it's a fab time to invest in things for yourself if you want them, and have a good browse. I find it's also a great time to shop on Etsy, as I tend to discover a lot of new businesses holding little sales with very unique items not seen on the high street.


I'm holding a January sale myself here too if you know a hedgehog lover, a conservation enthusiast or someone who loves a pamper, there's plenty of choice available with more coming this month to the shop.

Just use the code JAN23 at the checkout when asked for a voucher or code! This will give you 25% off pretty much everything in the two big collections we have.

Here's a few examples below!

panda gifts skincare pads and washbag








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