Top Three Birthday Gifts for a Crafter

Top Three Birthday Gifts for a Crafter

Do you have a crafter in your life? It probably feels like they are constantly creating something new and cool, whether it’s the same hobby over years or whether they are trying their seventh hobby in the space of a year because they love trying new things. Crafting is a great past-time, and can also fill time, promote good circulation to hands, earn you money, keep the mind busy, and so many more benefits.

So what do you get a crafter? 

It may be difficult to directly get some materials for them, for example, I stick to a brand of coloured pencils that I love, and I don’t find any others to work for me very well. So coloured pencils are not a great gift for me generally, but a nice sketchbook, or materials for my sewing are ideal, because I’ll use them, and I don’t have to be so picky about those.


1. DIY Kit

DIY kits for making handwarmers

Our DIY kits are a fab idea for a crafter, whether they already enjoy sewing or whether they want to start a new hobby. Our kits include everything you need to get started with a fun project and include written instructions, or a video on Youtube to show you how it goes, step by step.


2. Brushwrap


hare brushwrap image, gift for crafter

Something for the crafter who needs some storage or ease of transporting their craft, our brushwraps are a great idea for these exact issues. They include a number of pockets and can be used for pens, pencils, paintbrushes, makeup brushes, crochet hooks, you could even get in touch for a custom made needle wrap if you needed something longer.


3. A Unique Pattern Design

christmas robin pattern

So this one may be a bit more select, but commissioning a pattern design could be a fab idea, as you could essentially get them their own bespoke patterned fabric to use in their crafts. You could simply specify that they like gin, puppies and fruit and I could create a pattern that combines all these things.

Crafters are happy people, keep that smile on their face with something to encourage their wonderful hobbies.

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