Three Unique Gifts for a Wedding

Three Unique Gifts for a Wedding

So you have a wedding to go to and are wondering how to make a unique gift idea that’ll stick in the happy couples mind and bring them happiness after their big day? Here’s three ideas that’ll stand out and make them smile.

A Cushion Display

Whether the couple already live together or are moving into their own place, a lovely set of cushions could be a lovely gift to help add a pop of colour to the sofa or bed. If they happen to be animal lovers, check out these cushions in the shop which definitely add a statement to the room and celebrate gorgeous creatures alongside a lovely occasion.

decorative cushion display with a hedgehog cushion, ideal as a gift


Artwork Wall

Lots of people are drifting towards the newer trend of artwork walls instead of just large pictures now, whether that’s because we don’t always have the space for large artwork, or for it’s ease of putting up and taking down, artwork walls are a fab ideas and so customisable for both you and the couple.

Finding art prints that suit their aesthetic is a great start, try searching Etsy for their hobbies and interests, and ideally picking out some different sizes, you could even go down to postcard size if you wanted a cool, busy effect to the wall.

artwork wall display using art prints

Photo by Steph Wilson on Unsplash


Then the idea would be that the couple can set up these prints on any size wall, just tiling them and having them lining up or as busy as they wanted, so they get a lot of control with how the wall display looks.

Pamper Kit

Weddings are stressful, so perhaps simply a pamper kit full of things that can help them relax and unwind after the wedding is a perfect idea. The pamper kit could include a range of skincare for the both of them, candles and bath supplies, nail kits or vouchers to beauty treatments, keeping the man in mind as well of course when you pick out exactly what you think both of them would be interested in.

So there we go, if you fancy a look at our shop here and see if there’s anything to match your vision for an unique wedding gift, here’s where to find it.

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