A tote bag for a shopper, ideal gift for a mother

Three Gifts your Mum Would Love

Mothers can be difficult to shop for, personally I find myself buying my mother the same things every single year because she needs them, while useful there is never any surprises there. That’s why we put together this list of things that your mother may enjoy opening on her birthday, or Christmas, and why they’re a fab idea!


1. One of our woodland animal cushions

A lot of people in the UK like animals, especially people who live close to the countryside or enjoy local beauty spots. I also think a lot of mothers enjoy home decor and having pretty things around the home.

Hedgehog cushion gift sat on an armchair, armchair with a sofa cushion decorative

That’s why we suggested one of our lovely cushions, ideal for a space on a sofa or armchair. The patterns are bold and work with a lot of colour schemes, as well as being noticeable, and a great key piece in a room. Hedgehogs are lovely creatures that a lot of us love, as well as red squirrels and hares, so there are options for everyone depending on what animals you like.

Our cushions are comfy too, ideal for a film night on the sofa!


2. A Makeup Bag

A makeup bag doesn’t necessarily have to hold makeup, I think some people are put off when they realise they’re mothers don’t really wear makeup. However, women do usually have plenty of things they use in their getting ready routine, or when they’re travelling.

giant panda makeup bag gift on a desk by makeup and skincare

Our makeup bags are spacious and can hold a lot of different things, which makes them ideal for someone who enjoys travelling, or simply for some storage around the home.

3. Tote Bag

Who’s mother doesn’t enjoy shopping? Our tote bags are a great choice for someone who’s always popping in the shops. They fold up and fit into a handbag, so can always be there for backup shops when you don;t expect to be going. 

Giant panda tote bag shown on model in a natural environment

Again available in all of our lovely animal patterns, they are practical, and bold, much more stylish than the average bag for life from Tescos!

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