Three Gifts for your Bestie

Three Gifts for your Bestie

It can be so hard to think of a good gift sometimes, especially when you’ve been friends for years and have probably bought them everything under the sun. That’s why we put together a few things that you may not have thought of yet, bonus points if they love nature or animals!

A tote bag is a lovely idea as it has so many uses, whether someone goes to the gym and needs to take their kit, or has some extra books from the library, a tote bag is useful and functional, with the added bonus here of being pretty.

It can also be folded up and left in your main bag, so if you find yourself buying more than that one thing you needed on the way home, it’s always there and waiting.

Giant Panda Tote Bag - Tahlia Paige

Another idea could be a sleepmask, which may seem like something small that they already own, but our sleepmasks feature lovely endangered species designs and are comfortable to wear, so if their favourite animal happens to be a part of our collection, this could be perfect! You could also build a little giftset around this and turn it into a proper relaxation kit including candles, facemasks and more.


 Finally for something unique and useful, handwarmers may be a good idea for someone who gets chilly in the winter, as they have multiple uses. Pop them in a hoodie pocket and enjoy some heat if you have period pains, or use for achy muscles, whatever you would use a mini hot water bottle for in an easier way as you can just keep using and reheating them.


Which would you like to receive?

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