Three Gifts for Someone Leaving a Job

Three Gifts for Someone Leaving a Job

Coworkers can become such close friends, the amount of time that you often have to spend together can result in some close bonds. So how can you express that when it’s time for someone to move on, whether that be to a new career or retirement?

Tote Bags

Tote bags make a lovely gift because they are so practical, especially in a time where we have to pay for any bags from a shop. Totes can be folded and tucked away inside a handbag or backpack, and brought out at the most useful times when you need them.

panda tote bag, ideal for a panda lover, shown on model in the park

There are so many totes out there now too with a variety of different designs, so getting something personal to your colleague wouldn’t be a hard task at all. Providing them with something fun and functional for their everyday life is ideal.

Relaxation Giftset

Time to retire, now what? A well-deserved relax. If you don’t plan on jetting off somewhere as soon as your last day finishes, perhaps a giftset that focuses on relaxation is enough to get the ball rolling on a successful retirement.

Relaxation giftsets can include sleepmasks, bubble baths, candles, a good book, anything that suits the person you are looking to gift it to.


Cushions are similar to tote bags in that they have such a range of themes and styles now that it wouldn’t be hard to find something perfect to suit the personality of your friend. Cushions are also great for around the home to brighten up a room, especially if they feature lovely bright colours or interesting themes. This would make a great gift to remind the person of a happy time with the added bonus of comfort and decoration in the house.

decorative cushions for the sofa


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