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Three Gifts for a Tight Budget

Birthdays crop up quite often, and sometimes not at the most convenient times for the budget, that’s why we wanted to share some of our favourite things today that can help you shop on a tight budget.

1. Birthday Gal Giftsets

birthday gal giftset informational

Our Birthday Gal Giftset is a lovely choice to include a few items and is a well-rounded little giftset, it includes a facecloth, one of our popular pouches and a scrunchie in all of our usual patterns.

Our giftsets are designed for affordability, saving you some money as a set over buying the products individually.


2. Reusable skincare pads

Our reusable skincare pads are fab for a stocking filler, or as a main gift for a tight budget. Everyone knows that reusable items cost more than disposables, and are an investment that will pay for themselves after reuse,and this isn’t always something that you can afford to do all at once. That’s why we think skincare pads are a great gift, you help someone start a sustainable skincare journey.

in-situ image of reusable skincare pads gift set with wash bag

We sell pads in a pack of six, enough to get through most of the week and to the next washing day. We also have matching washbags, which when bought with our skincare pads, have a good reduction again.


3. A Sleepmask

Giving the gift of better sleep is a great idea, and can easily to added to for a nice giftset around sleep health, add a little lavender pillow spray and a couple of wax melts for a relaxing giftset idea, and gift a relaxing night sleep to your special person.

hare sleepmask on bedside cabinet for better sleep

Another tip for a tight budget is adding a couple of snacks to your giftbag, snacks can often be found for only a pound or two, and knowing your person’s favourites will ensure they definitely make use of their gifts!

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