Three Gifts for a Skincare Lover

Three Gifts for a Skincare Lover

Getting into skincare has been such an adventure, what to use, how to use it, what order, what ingredients, I finally feel like I’ve settled on a routine I’m happy with with some nice products, onto hair care next!

People who are into their skincare might seem tricky to buy for, it’s hard to go out and buy a new serum or something for someone when you don’t know exactly what they use or if it would suit them, but I feel there are other great options for contributing to a skincare lover’s routine with some of our fabric pads and removers.

  1. Skincare Pads
Skincare pads in panda pattern, ideal gift for a panda lover


Our skincare pads were the first things on the website for sustainable skincare, the pads come in a pack of six in fun patterns, and can also come with a matching washbag and pouch, and actually everything in our store. The pads are made from soft brushed cotton, perfect for removing makeup, applying cleanser or toner, even removing a facemask.

These can be washed in the machine, or handwashed, and make a great gift to somebody, whether they wear makeup or not!

  1. Exfoliating Pads

A different set of pads, these exfoliating pads are aimed more towards exfoliation with a gritty texture for that once-in-a-while deep scrub. I found these work nice because they allow the product to work without it feeling like sandpaper on the face!

hare exfoliating pads, exfoliate face at home with face pads

These are sold in a pack of three, and may also be suitable for makeup removal or skincare depending on the texture you prefer.

  1. Facecloth

A facecloth seems like a good staple in a skincare routine for larger removal or cleansing, I find these to be particularly useful for facemasks or removing exfoliator a little. Often flannels are rough, and plain, so these facecloth with the pretty pattern on the back and the soft brushed cotton for use on the face are different.

red squirrel gifts for skincare, facecloth for washing face

So there we go, three gift ideas for skincare lovers, don’t forget all the matching options in the shop for a nice giftset, and use code SKINCARE23 at the checkout for 10% off!

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