Three Gifts for a First Time Home Owner

Three Gifts for a First Time Home Owner

Buying a first house must be such a fun occasion, but also one full of big decisions, financials, and sometimes stress. That’s why we put together a little list of three things you could gift to a first time home owner, to help with this big transition!

Something Decorative


This may be something the home owners have pretty low down on the list if they have to spend their money on improvements first, but something decorative can be a lovely gift that will be seen regularly and appreciated. 

Our cushions are a great idea for this as they are eye-catching, and you can choose from a range of designs that best suit your receiver, whether that decision be based on a colour scheme or on an animal that they like!

Something Relaxing


Moving home can be stressful, and I imagine buying a first home and dealing with all that entails is even more so, that’s why we thought something relaxing could be a great option for a home owner, once the hard work is out of the way. Treat them to a giftset that includes some relaxing essentials, such as a sleepmask or some reusable skincare, so when the time comes that they can settle down in their new home and admire their work, they can have a lovely pamper night while doing so.

Something Useful

We love useful gifts here, something that someone will use time and time again. Something that may be in high demand when moving home is storage, and that’s why we have makeup bags and pouches in a few sizes, ideal for storing everyday essentials or when you need to take a trip. These items have a lot of potential uses so make great gifts for the organised receiver!

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