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The sale is now live! This includes one-off pieces in a huge range of fabrics and patterns, in a range of pieces. I'll highlight a few below:


turquoise makeup bag with flowers around it

Turquoise Makeup Bag 

Makeup bags have always been a key product in my range, mostly because I've always found it hard to find one the right size for what I wanted. They're either SO big that all my makeup is swimming in there, and I have zero chance of ever finding my tiny eyebrow brush in the bottom, or they're so small and thin that I can't fit any of my brushes in there! 

So I designed my makeup bags with these problems in mind, I wanted to be able to fit my usual makeup kit in there, with perhaps some weekend toiletries. This is why I did a wide zip at the top too, so the bag opens all the way and fits more bulky items in without risk of breaking the zip.

So that's why the makeup bags are the way they are, what do you think? What makes a good makeup bag?


strawberry reusable makeup pads and washbag giftset

Strawberry Pads and Washbag Set

The pads and washbags have been a pretty long-standing product in the shop as well, although they have gone through some changes. Originally the pads were patterned fabrics back and front, and made for gifts for a few people for Christmas and birthdays. Feedback told me that the ordinary patterned cotton was not the softest fabric it could have been, so I switched to the white brushed cotton which I think has made a huge difference. 

These are a great little product for a gift I think, it may be something that the person doesn't have, and it's already in a little set!

What do you think though, are you going more sustainable with your beauty routine?


pouch with green leaves pattern on the front

Green and Pink Foliage Pouch

The pouches I find are a cheaper alternative to the makeup bag, a bit smaller too, it's a useful little addition to the makeup routine for storing or carrying bits. I also know of people who use them as pencil cases, which is a lovely idea, I remember being quite excited to choose a new pencil case when I was in school, the more colourful the better!


scrunchie with purple lolly pattern

Purple Lolly Scrunchie

Scrunchies are a great item to add a pop of colour to an outfit, I need to make myself a few more really so I can match them with a few more of my outfits. I really like having that extra item to complete an outfit, plus the volume boost to a ponytail it gives.


Robin sleep mask eyemask

Robin Sleepmask

The sleepmask is something that's been around a long time, useful and pretty, I find them really useful going into summer especially, because of the light coming through the blinds in the morning!

The Robin is a cute little creature too, standing out on the green background.


So here's some of my personal favourites, check out the full range below!

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