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The Product Range

Here at Tahlia Paige, I have been working on expanding my product range since the start, and am always trying and testing my ideas alongside my usual daily work. 

So what's included in the range?

Tote Bags

This is a fairly new one, and probably the biggest thing I make, which I think is why I was hesitant to make them initially as I thought the prices were going to have to be quite expensive. Now that I've settled into buying larger orders of fabrics and getting orders through, I worked out that making the larger totes would not be unsustainable with prices. 


Tote bag for uni gift for a student

I use a complimentary colour to back the bags, an then use white for a lining, so there are a few different fabrics going on. I match the handles to the back of the bag too so the straps work well with the pattern. When sewn up then its a good size for shopping or taking some essentials out and about with you, with the lining helping it to feel safe and strong. 



The brushwraps have been around for a while, I made them as gifts for friends a couple of years ago actually before the business had even started. I've always used one for my paintbrushes, they came in it, and I just found it really handy when I was transporting my materials around to school or Uni. I design mine to have the pattern on the outside, with some complimentary colours on the inside where all the little pockets are. 


an ideal gift for an artist, our roll up storage bags are perfect for brushes

These have been good little sellers, artists, makeup artists, crafters, it's a good idea to keep the essential supplies safe in a few lines of work or hobby.


Makeup Bags

This was one of my original ideas of what I wanted to do for my business, I just think it's a really handy object and one that works lovely as a gift too. Imagine buying a makeup bag, then filling it with little makeup bits and hair accessories, sweets and chocolates, I should actually consider starting to sell them like that haha.


These are lined too, and with the long zip means that can open up wide and are able to fit quite big things inside.



The pouches are a simple makeup bag essentially, that sits a little flatter. I think this is ideal for carrying makeup brushes and other thin things, with the larger makeup bags useful for an overnight kit, like a hairbrush, toothbrush etc. 

pouch for handbag to keep makeup bits safe

They feature the cute pattern on the outside, and the lining on the inside is a complimentary colour.


Reusable Skincare Pads

The reusable makeup removal pads went through some changes, I started these as gifts for people before the business even started. At the time I was in Uni, I had a lot of people I wanted to give gifts and they were a nice personal thing to give to makeup users.

reusable skincare face pads for cleansing with soft brushed cotton backing

I switched from using plain cotton to brushed cotton, as it gives a much softer effect and works well on the skin. I sell these in a pack of six.



 The washbag's were an addition to the pads to make it into a nice giftset, the washbag idea came about when I saw the pads loose in the washing machine and thought that there was a way to keep them safer. The washbag has a ribbon to make sure they are tied in and safe, with the netting allowing the pads to be washed inside.

washbag to keep small things safe in the wash


The sleepmask again started as a gift for friends and family, although it has changed a little with the addition of the cute scrunched strap. I think these make excellent gifts for people, using the pretty patterns on them as well.

Pink sleep mask with cute scrunch strap



I make a couple of different styles of headband, this one, and another for the wholesale collection involving a different style of knot at the front of it. I particularly like this one as you can change the position of the knot by adjusting and pulling it to a side if you want yourself, and it fits comfortably with the elastic scrunched part on the back. I think they are really bright and fun designs, which makes it perfect for a stand-out hair accessory, see the matching scrunchies too. 


yellow headband hair accessory




Scrunchies had such a revival in recent years, and in my shop is no different. The scrunchie is a perfect gift for someone because its fun and individual with such a strong pattern, as well as being functional and comfortable too. I like using them for my work days especially, because I want my hair out of my face but don't want to have to deal with that achy scalp when I eventually take it down again at the end of the day. I've also worn them to bed before to help preserve some of the life in my hair for the next day, and I find just tying my hair up softly with a scrunchie helps to avoid kinks and discomfort in the night.

Shop colourful scrunchies that are good for your hair

So there we have it, the collection includes all of these and keep an eye out of more coming in the future! And if you fancy any of these as a large bundle, I have  specials offers on them all that you can find below!

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The whole product range together
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