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The Office Tour

A person's workspace may say a lot about them, although mine may frame me as a messy individual if you catch me on a busy day. I try and keep it organised, but sometimes I need a bit of organised chaos in the middle of a project to get it done. Like sometimes it can be harder to keep track of things once they are put away, but honestly once the project is over I do try and clean up and keep things in their homes.

I love organisation and colour coding - I wrote a post about it here. And a sewing room has a lot of potential to need sorting. I find my calendar really helpful, I write on one on the wall and also in my diary to plan out my months. I wish I had the patience to go digital but I don't think I'll ever be able to give up a good diary.


Desk at Tahlia Paige Gifts and Accessories

So my work desk is where I spend a lot of my time, I do all my admin, marketing and designing here using the screen. If I'm working purely on Procreate for the day, I tend to find I end up on the sofa for comfort, but being upright at a desk when I got patterns to design or social media planning to do is much more productive. 


Sewing project corner at Tahlia Paige Gifts and Accessories

I recently acquired a table from Facebook Marketplace, it came in so handy at Christmas when I was labelling up my products for craft fairs. So now rather than having to stop all my computer activities when I have an order to do, I can just set up the sewing machines separately on this table and crack on. I also get to look at this massive colour chart from Fashion Formula, which shows how colours will show up on the fabric I use in my products, this is really handy because colours can look so different on the screen versus printed out.


Order packig station for Tahlia Paige gifts and accesssories

I also have a packing station, where I wrap and pack my orders for the post office. I also use it to cut out my fabrics with a rotary cutter which saves a lot of time.

I still have a lot of organisation to do in the office, I need to make my fabrics and haberdashery bits more accessible so I don't waste time looking for things, which can take chunks out of the work time sometimes!

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