dormouse surface pattern design for an endangered species in the uk

The Dormouse

Last but not least in the collection, the dormouse is a cute, endangered little creature that can be quite elusive in the countryside.

black and brown rodent

Photo by Marie-Hélène Rots on

The dormouse is a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and considering it's schedule, it can be very difficult to spot one. Throughout the year they actually spend a great deal of time asleep, they sleep all day as they are nocturnal, and actually spend more time in the year hibernating than not. They can spend between eight and nine months asleep during the year, and only become active for a few short months in-between April and October. 

When they do rouse from their slumber, they spend their nights in their hedgerow homes, looking for their favourite foods: hazelnuts, berries and insects. They can be preyed upon by a few predators, including owls, grey squirrels, even cats and badgers when they are ground level in hibernation. 

The dormouse is a very cute creature, with gingery-brown soft fur and big black eyes, it's recognizable in images, usually images you will notice were taken at night-time, again because of their nocturnal habits and how hard they are to find. 


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