The Art of Self-Care

The Art of Self-Care

We hear about self-care more and more now, maybe on social media, maybe from our doctors. Perhaps because we live in such a fast-paced world, we find it harder to take the little moments that we need away to recharge and relax.

I always say as well, it doesn’t have to be a long bath in the evenings or an elaborate skincare routine, unless you enjoy those things! It can start with taking some deep breaths in the morning, taking a short walk away from your desk at lunch time, or reading a chapter of a book before bed.



So what are the benefits?

Practicing self-care may have many benefits depending on what you do. If you prefer the gym and fitness-based care, you’ll probably feel more energetic, maybe fitter. If you keep a diary of things that went well each day, maybe you’ll feel more positive when you complete tasks and not so guilty for not getting much done in a day.

Self-care can also help prevent the burnout feeling when it seems like all you do is work and sleep. Those little moments you take to do something you enjoy can make the world of difference.

What if you do work really long days?

If for example you get up super early and work a long day, it can be really hard to find the time you need to recharge. Especially if any days off are spent catching up on the home chores after a busy week at work. 

Something you could try and incorporate in your day is some deep breathing in the morning, while the kettle is boiling, or while your brushing your hair. Something that only takes a few minutes to feel some benefits.

Maybe if you work in an office and get stuck inside for most of the day, taking ten minutes to stroll outside on your lunch break if the weather is right would help get you on your feet and reset a little for the afternoon ahead.

Is there room for more self-care in your life? 

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