Spring is Coming!

Spring is Coming!

Finally it feels like the frost is shifting, and I can feel my fingers as I sit here typing this again. Winter seemed to go on forever, so to see the sun out and feel some warmth again is a really welcome feeling.

I spent the first day of Spring gardening, my grampy's garden needed doing and since it was such a nice day, it felt like a good day to be outdoors.

Since I don't live by a great deal of green space, I want to set a goal and put some time aside during the week to go to the park, or the beach more often. I think it's important to get out of the house sometimes, perhaps I could find a nice little café that I would take my laptop to and sit outside of.

Spring also opens up more opportunity for nature photography, I love flowers and woodlands, and they just tend to be brighter in the springtime when everything is growing back. Again, just finding more ways to be outside would be perfect right now, taking a sketchbook to the park or a notebook on a walk.


My Plans for Springtime 

- More walking on the weekends, make a wish list of places to go and walks I want to do, making sure I photograph as I go along.

- More time outside, even if it's just a coffee in the park or a wander around, and also finding more options for green space around me. It's surprising how many little parks and things pop up when you drive around looking for them.

- Expanding my pattern designs, using my library research books and photographs to create a vast pattern design portfolio, including more florals.

- Find a cute cafe that's good for working on the laptop, on the days when I feel a little fed up of the flat!

- Explore more of the Gower, I'm only brushing the edge of it with the beaches beyond Mumbles and I'd love to make it to Worms Head, and many more places inbetween.


Do you have any plans now the weather is getting warmer?

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