Self-Care Hamper Ideas

Self-Care Hamper Ideas

Self-care is such an important part of a daily routine, sometimes not prioritized because of how busy everything else gets. That’s why self-care items make such good gifts, get somebody something they may not buy for themselves, and give that gift of some time to themselves as well.

Skincare Bits

This is a lovely place to start for someone who already enjoys skincare or is a beginner to it, these reusable pads are excellent for removing makeup, general cleansing, or even taking a facemask off, making them useful for a variety of purposes and definitely useful to a lot of people.

These pads also come with plenty of matching bits, like more specialised exfoliating pads, or even a matching bag to wash them or store them in. Encourage someone close to you to start a skincare routine in a more sustainable way, and help reduce waste in the process.


I think people sometimes think candles are a little played out, or too simple as a gift, but honestly, you find out someone’s favourite scent and it’s both a thoughtful and personalised gift for their relaxing time.

Candles also go great with bath themed things, as baths are a great time to light a wick and lay back.


This is a great idea because it can be very thoughtful and specialised to your special someone’s interests, whether that be animals, travelling, food, art prints come in such a range of styles and themes you’re bound to find something cute to add to their bedroom wall.

Art prints are also a great idea because the collection can be added to and expanded over time, creating a print wall in place of a large piece of art is a more cost-effective and sometimes fun idea to try out, especially in a rented property where you may not be able to drill into the walls, but a bit of rent-friendly tape would be perfect.


Better sleep is important for a variety of health related reasons, but don’t you just feel better when you’ve actually had some proper slumber? Sometimes in summer the early light can be a disturbance, so sleepmasks are an ideal solution and go well with the self-care, relaxing vibes you want your hamper to be.

foliage sleepmask for better sleep

You can also find scented sleepmasks, sometimes built in with lavender, or they can be sprayed with the pillow sprays to hold that lasting fresh scent known so well for it’s calming properties.


Handwarmers will be a staple in everyone’s pockets eventually when the cold weather turns up, there’s nothing worse than leaving the house in the mornings with cold hands when you haven’t even started your day yet. So popping a pair of handwarmers in your pockets are a great way to stay warm, and if you have access to a microwave during the day, can be easily reused without any boiling or resetting like some have to.

elephant handwarmers as a cute elephant gift for her

Handwarmers can also be used for a variety of other purposes, including pain relief help, which is why we think they make a good all-rounded gifts for someone who needs a self-care hamper.

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