Our Top Three Items

Our Top Three Items

When I’m asked what sells the best in my business, a few things do come to mind. 

One is the storage pouch, which sells a lot on Etsy particularly in a variety of patterns, which is lovely and see. I think it’s because it’s quite a good gift, as it has plenty of uses so appeals to a lot of people. The pouches are a great size for carrying essentials around with you, or for storing things around the house, as well as being pretty and decorative. Here’s a review of one of our pouches below!



Another is the skincare pads, which are particularly popular at Christmas time, it seems to be a bit of a tradition for some people to buy a new set and add to their collection each Christmas, so you just keep expanding your set of reusable skincare. Here’s some reviews for the skincare pads that we loved to read after Christmas this year:


Finally, the handwarmers are a best seller at Christmas, but surprisingly do continue to sell throughout the year at the most random times, but as they can be used for easing achey joints or cramps instead of a hot water bottle, they do have alternative uses than cosy pockets in the winter. Here’s some lovely reviews for the handwarmers we were thrilled to read this year:


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