Hare sleep mask for better sleep

NEW Pattern in the Store


Today I realised I hadn't shown off the new pattern on the blog, I've been so busy I haven't even managed to get all the new products into the shop yet, but there's a few up and ready.

The Hare Makeup Bag

Hare surface pattern design makeup bag

The makeup bag is one of our most popular online products, so I'm so pleased to be able to offer it in another gorgeous animal print. The Hare print is a blue and purple colour scheme, with ferns and mushrooms.


The Hare Pouch

hare surface pattern design pouch

The Hare Pouch is a smaller, more compact item for storing those essentials. Look out for the reusable pads giftset too, including the pouch and washbag.


The Hare Sleepmask

Hare pattern sleepmask eye mask

The sleepmask is a lovely gift for someone, it's soft, and especially this time of year when the early sun is peeking through those curtains, it's very useful. The soft purple lining and the blue satin scrunch makes it a cute addition to the bedside table.


The Hare Reusable Pads and Washbag

reusable sustainable makeup skincare pads and washbag with hare surface pattern design


The reusable makeup pads are a great little gift, and easy to put into a giftset. Add the washbag for keeping them safe in the washing machine and the pouch for storage, sorted!

See all these products and more in the shop, with more to come!

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