My Favourite Parts of my Night-Time Self-Care Routine

My Favourite Parts of my Night-Time Self-Care Routine

I established a night time routine a while ago to help me get to bed at a decent time, which can be difficult when I’m making progress on some work and I want to keep going. I enjoy my night time routine now, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite parts of it.


Skincare can be a tough one sometimes, when I’m really tired and feeling lazy it can seem like a chore, but overall enjoying soft skin and less breakouts has been lovely. On my lazier nights, I have a quick two product minimum I do, and on my better days I use around six, not just on my face but also lashes, lips and nails.

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Read a chapter of my book

I enjoy reading, and honestly reading a chapter of a book doesn’t take long, so I make sure I do this every night in bed at the very least, but sometimes also enjoying reading breaks in the daytime as well as when I have a bath. Slowly making my way through a book in bed is nice, and a good wind down activity, it also just gives me a break from my phone and thinking about the business or other stresses.


I try and fit 15 minutes of yoga into every night, although due to busy timings on getting home from the gym late this doesn’t always happen, but I do enjoy it when I get the time to do it. I just do some gentle stretching moves, which can be quite relaxing, and helpful to my work in the gym as well.

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I don’t do much to my hair at night, except for making sure I don’t have to do too much to it in the morning. Just making sure it is brushed and in a satin hat helps keep it overnight. I find this really helpful because sometimes having long, prone-to-knotting hair can be a drag and this saves me time and keeps my hair in nice condition.

A Bath

relaxing bath time as part of the night time self care routine

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Not every night, but definitely a highlight in my week when I swap a shower for a bath, this is where I can usually do facemasks, read, light candles and just relax away from screens for a while.

What does your night routine consist of before you settle down to go to bed?

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