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How we Support Conservation at Tahlia Paige

With endangered species at the heart of what we do here, conservation is of course very important to us, so here’s what we do to try and help!


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Supporting Charities

Currently, we support two charities giving a small percentage of our profit to directly support hedgehogs and red squirrels in the UK. We are aiming to include all our species at the end of the year so we are giving back to the animals that we love so much.

Hedgehog Street is a fab project between PTES and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, providing information and resources for the public to help out and understand our lovely hedgehogs more. This is a species that we can still help in our own back gardens, so it’s vital that this information is spread as much as possible.

The Wildlife Trust work all over the UK on conservation, in particular we are supporting the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, as they work on the lovely Red Squirrel project in Powys where there is currently a population of around 150. 

For more information on either, click their names to find out more!

Sharing Information

Raising awareness may not seem like a whole lot when you do it, but if even a couple of people learn something from it, it’s not time wasted. We talk a lot here about hedgehogs, red squirrels, hares, and more species, as in particular these ones are in the UK, close to home, and touching to people who used to see the species a lot more before their decline.

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Hedgehogs in particular used to be so widespread, but now it is hard to see one, unless it’s on the side of the road. This is why information is so important, learning when an animal needs help, when to leave it alone, what you can feed them to help, what NOT to feed it, there’s so much that we can learn from simply following an Instagram page that shares tips and information about these species.

More Species Coming

We are currently doing our research into the best charities to support our Endangered Asia species, and no doubt more species will be joining our collections by the end of the year, I’d love to know what you want to see, any particular species you have a particular feeling for.

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We also want to launch shorter term, limited edition projects so we can help more local species that we may not have the room for on the website full-time!

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