Where to find cute hedgehog hair accessories, worn by a dark haired model

How to Wear our Hair Accessories

Our hair accessories have been a stable part of our nature collection from the start, and recently we expanded the patterns to include not just our foliage patterns, but also our animal ones too. This means you can get a hedgehog-patterned scrunchie and a matching headband!

We wanted to show a little of how we've used the hair accessories for long hair, with no doubt short hair and other styles to come!

Headband with a Bun

hair accessories photo of girl wearing headband with hedgehog pattern on it


This is one of my personal favourites, a messy bun being a pretty regular occurrence here on the busiest days (Or the quiet ones!). I like to leave the loose fringe pieces at the front to frame the face, and the headband then is a prominent feature on the head, breaking up the front and the back and adding a lot to an outfit.


Scrunchie Bun

 dark haired girl wears a bun with hedgehog patterned scrunchie

This is a pretty similar style to the last, but with a more structured bun for the scrunchie to hold in place. The fringe features again to add some interest to the style, which I usually embrace because I tend to get flyaways and mess throughout the day.


Scrunchie Ponytail

dark haired girl wears blue and pink scrunchie

A simple style that can suit a range of situations, a simple high ponytail with a fringe is another go-to for me as I like to have the length of my hair out, especially if I manage to keep it straight.


Headband and a Ponytail

cotton Headband with hare pattern

I like this style as well because it hides some of the headband, and again keeps the length on the ponytail.


I will definitely be adding more styles to this when I have a play around with the hair accessories, as I think showing what different styles can be done shows how useful the hair accessories actually are!

I'd also love to see how you wear yours!

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