How to Start Sustainable Skincare This Year

How to Start Sustainable Skincare This Year

It’s the new year and the time where a lot of us make change in some way, and that may include switching to a more sustainable way of doing skincare. This is a great one because it’s good for the environment, produces far less household waste, and is a good habit for your skin.

We make reusable skincare pads here, which are made from soft brushed cotton for a lovely feel on the skin. These can be used to remove makeup, remove a facemask, give a general cleanse and tone, or anything else you can think of that you would usually do with a cotton pad. 

The alternatives we offer are facecloths, made from the same material but preferable to those to wash their faces and need more surface area to dry or remove product, or exfoliating pads, also reusable, with a slightly rougher texture to exfoliate the skin. The pads themselves are still soft and could be used as normal skincare pads, but with a grainy exfoliator they’ll be great to smooth away those dead cells and leave a smooth surface.

If you are looking to make the first dip into sustainable skincare, buying a set of skincare pads and a washbag may be a good start. Our sets include six pads, which is enough to cover most of the week. Give them a try every evening and then put them in the washbag, and throw them in the wash on the last day for them to be ready for the next week ahead.

If you like them, it may suit you to stock up and invest in a nice collection. This depends on how much you are willing to spend, and how often you do the washing and use pads on your face. Personally, I tend to take the ones out that turn out a bit wonky or marked, so my collection is over twenty from the past couple of years of making them and this suits me because I only put a wash on occasionally as a single person.

A habit like this may be trial and error, maybe pads are too fiddly for you and just a simple facecloth would work better, so it’s worth experimenting a bit and seeing what you would make the best use of in your daily routine.

You can shop the whole collection with us here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries around our products or building your sustainable skincare routine.

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