How to Shop for Someone Hard to Shop for

How to Shop for Someone Hard to Shop for

I think at some point in their lives everyone has that friend or relative that is hard to shop for, simply because they have everything they need, perhaps don’t engage heavily in hobbies that require stuff, and they’ll insist that you don’t have to get them anything because they know they can be tricky.

We’ve put together a few hints to check for before you just put some money in a card, and see whether you can find them something unusual and interesting.

Do they read?

Finding out what someone reads can be a lovely gift idea that can even turn into tradition, there are so so many books and authors out there, and the likelihood of picking up something they already have is pretty slim, so why not try a blind date with a book?

find books as gifts for someone hard to buy for
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The idea of this is that the book is wrapped, but will have some hints on the front, such as the genre, overarching plot, maybe the setting, which can give enough hints that if you know your friend enjoys a fantasy book, you can find something they may enjoy from these hints on the front.

If you think your friend is a little fussier than this, you could buy a specific book that you have in mind and wrap it yourself and add the hints to give it a bit more mystery to them on the day.

What snacks?

Snacks are an easy way to add something to a gift bag if you are struggling a little, as everyone has their favourites and usually by spending time with people you do tend to notice the things that they gravitate towards.

Now that prices are rising in supermarkets everywhere, sometimes we may choose to leave behind those non-essentials we enjoy, so treating someone to a selection of goodies they enjoy may be more impactful now more than ever before.

Themed Gifts

Sticking to a theme can be a nice idea because it makes things seem a little less random, like perhaps just making someone a bath bomb (while lovely on its own) may feel a bit sparse, so adding some wax melts, a bar of chocolate, a facemask and some skincare pads makes it a relaxation bath kit.

Some other ideas could be:

  • Gardening kit
  • Cooking Kit
  • Gym Gal Kit
  • Self-care Kit
  • Animal-Inspired
  • Nature-Inspired
  • Favourite TV show Inspired


Artwork is a lovely one because I do not feel like people always buy it for themselves unless there is really a space that needs filling. These can range in size so much too from postcards to posters and canvases, and can vary a lot to suit a lot of price ranges.

Again, this one require you just to know that they perhaps like hedgehogs, or their favourite film, there’s plenty of artwork out there for any theme now, so it’s a fab idea when you feel stuck.

artwork example showing a hedgehog art print and a hare pattern art print


Experiences can be found now even in places like Tesco, whether it be a balloon ride, or driving a fast car, these experiences can suit a variety of interests, and I believe can also be redeemed and changed if the receiver wishes which makes it an interesting idea that they could customise if they needed to.

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