How to Make Gifting an Easier Experience

How to Make Gifting an Easier Experience

Gifting can be stressful, especially around a big occasion like Christmas, which combines two stressful things: where there are multiple people to shop for, and where loads of other people are shopping for the same occasion. At least with birthdays even if there are a couple in a month, if you plan ahead and get going early, the actual shopping experience isn’t too busy. (Unless you happen to have several birthdays in the winter of course!)

So what can help make gifting and buying an easier experience?

Start early

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Look ahead for the next month or so and have a look at what may be coming up, any events, birthdays, occasions upcoming you need to prepare for? Even if you just browse and make some notes, it’s better than leaving it all to the last minute.

Use a planner

An occasion planner can be really handy if you have a lot of your plate through the year, that’s why we designed our own one here which is free for you to download, just subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll receive it straight to your inbox.

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The planner contains a calendar to add your own events to, spaces to jot down ideas and ideas to get you started, and plenty more to help you out in the run-up to some of your important events.

Find out what they like

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Favourite things can be really handy to know when you are shopping for someone, including colours, interests, snacks, scents. Getting someone a candle versus getting someone a candle in their favourite scent is that extra little thoughtful thing to a gift!

Keep note of important details

When shopping for someone, it is worth knowing important things like sizes and measurements if you tend to shop for clothing or shoes for your receivers. People mention things like their shoe size quite often in passing conversation, like they may mention their favourite snacks, and it’s worth keeping a note of this through the year for future reference.

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