How to Make a January Birthday Special

How to Make a January Birthday Special

The Christmas rush is over and you’re just starting to relax again, and you realise you forgot to plan for an early January birthday. What a nightmare, but it must be worse for those who celebrate their birthdays during the festive season.

Now, that’s not to say every person with a winter birthday dislikes it, but there’s definitely a couple of ways to make their birthday special and separate from the festive season.

Find some cute wrapping paper

Don’t use the Christmas wrapping as tempting as it can be, find something cute and quirky that relates to the person. Paper can be such a nice little detail to a gift and comes in a huge range of varied themes now, you’ll be sure to find something they love.

Talk about a fun activity

There’s so much to do in Winter whether it’s an indoor activity, or making the most of some of the festive attractions, it definitely depends on the person. There’s plenty to do where you could have a Christmas-free outing, but also plenty of fayres, ice skating, and amusements if they enjoy those winter activities.

Create your own gift set

Rather than grabbing a Christmas gift set from the shops, if you want to avoid the festive packaging, you could build your own. All you need is a nice little bag or basket, and then look out for things surrounding a theme perhaps. A Cosy night in could be a theme, in which case a candle, a sleepmask, some lavender, and a new book could be a lovely idea.

Make time

The most important thing is to spend some time with them, and make that time in this new year where lots of us are getting back into work and routine. Birthdays come once a year and it’s nice to make a fuss of someone special on their special day!

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