How to Build a Giftset from a Makeup Bag

How to Build a Giftset from a Makeup Bag

If you have read my blog before, you may have read about how I like to do my gifts when I need to buy a present for a friend. This is usually one or two key items, and a small selection of coordinating things to go with it nicely.

So I thought I would start this little range of blog posts, starting with one item and seeing what I would put with it, including some other small businesses that I love!

Today's starting product is a makeup bag, which is functional and pretty. It's also quite large and you can fill it with all sorts of goodies, so this is personally one of my favourites to start with. Who's to say it has to be used for makeup too? It can be used for so many different things round the house, I use them as medical bags, skincare bags, pencil cases and wax melt storage!

red squirrel gifts, makeup bag for cosmetic storage


A makeup bag, because of its range, could create a number of themed giftsets. One I thought of could be the relaxation set, think chilling, calmness, nice smells.

This for me makes me think of a nice bath with candles, followed by a peaceful nighttime routine.

So what would you need to add to this giftset?

I'd head over to Cosy Home Fragrances  and take a look through their lovely collection of wax melts, for a great price you can get yourself a few different scents in snappable bars, perfect for popping in a wax burner.

wax melt image


I also think it would be lovely to add reusable skincare pads for the nightly skincare routine, and perhaps a sleepmask, especially for these bright and early mornings.


reusable eco friednly gift ideas red squirrel skincare pads and washbag


I think adding a bath bomb to the set is great as these can come in so many great scents, but lavender would be a good one for the relaxed vibe we are going for.

A great place to look would be Glovers Delights, I got myself a pack of five mini bath bombs in Lavender and rose that were lovely!

Glovers delight bath bombs


Finally I think something like an Art print is always nice, try Saggggz for her gorgeous prints of exactly what this giftset is about, relaxing in the bath!

saggggz bath print


So there we go, our first giftset build for that ideal relaxing bath time and night time routine done. Add a chocolate bar and I think it would be ideal for me! :)

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