How to Build a Giftset

How to Build a Giftset

I love shopping for birthdays and Christmas, I really enjoy putting together things that I think my friend/family member would like and use. I think that's the most important point, getting something that's useful and not just something that someone will have loads of, or will probably get thrown out in the next sort out.

Not to say that this applies to everyone, I know people who literally cannot have enough candles, or bath bombs, they love them. I recently got into bath bombs and finally used all the sets that I have received for the last couple of years because I have a nice bath in my house again, now I'm looking forward to my birthday and probably going to ask for some if i'm asked what I want! 

Generally when I'm putting together a giftset for someone, I think of a general theme for it. This can depend on the person, but for some ideas I look at their interests, what they do to relax, etc.

Some ideas:

  • A baking and cooking set
  • An alcohol based set
  • A makeup and beauty set
  • A relaxing bath and pamper set

I've also got more of a random range of products before, but linking them with a theme like an animal or an object, such as a flamingo-based set for a friend, another who loves cats.


So I think a good one for an example here is a makeup and beauty lover's set, makeup and beauty products can be really tricky if you're buying the actual products, as some people are pretty religious to their brands, but there's a lot of other things around it that can be bought without having to know what someone uses.


This is a giftset I've put together in my shop with this makeup and beauty lover in mind, you can see more of these in my giftset section.

This set includes a pouch, 6 reusable makeup pads and a washbag for washing them and keeping them safe in the washing machine. The pouch can be used to store the pads, store makeup, taking essentials out and about, a lot of different options. 

With this then I would perhaps get a makeup removal cleanser, maybe some facemasks to continue with the makeup removal and skincare routine. There are also some very nice face scrubs that could go along with this.

In terms of products I do that could match these, I also do hair accessories in the same patterns, and this can go along with the theme nicely, taking the hair out of the face during the routines and then also be able to be used day-to-day.

How else could you use similar products with different themes?

Taking the example of the reusable makeup pads, this could appeal to someone who enjoys makeup as shown above, but it could also be a great gift idea for someone who likes to live more sustainably. 

Reusable skincare pads gift set for skincare lovers in the hare pattern


So here you can see my reusable makeup removal pads with their matching washbag, which can be found in my Reusable Makeup Pads and Sets section on my website, which again could start off the giftset.

Looking through my website, you may find a few things that relate to the theme, such as the my new tote bags or my hair scrunchies, both of which can be sustainable in the way that they will last longer than their flimsier counterparts.

Other things that could be included are reusable metal straws, I received these as a gift once and thought they were brilliant. You could look out for shampoo bars, bamboo products to replace plastic, and loads more.

Premade giftsets can be a great way to make your set look cohesive, while also saving a little money. I offer discounts on my giftsets compared to if you were buying each item in my store individually. It's a great starting point then to add a few related products if you want to, or keep it simple. The choice is yours!

If you ever use my products as part of a giftset for someone, I'd love to see it!

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