Happy One Year!

Happy One Year!

I was thrilled today to realise it had been one year since I properly launched Tahlia Paige, the one year anniversary of the launch of my website!

A year is a long time, especially when every day is something different to do with the business. I thought I'd take a look back at some milestones along the way today, and how it's all going.


First Order

Jellyfish products gifts and accessories

My very first order on the website was this Jellyfish set, including a makeup bag, reusable skincare pads and a washbag. Actually, the other Jellyfish set soon went afterwards, maybe this fabric needs a little comeback soon as a special one-off.


First License Sold

Something that I want to pour more of my time into is pattern licensing, selling rights to the patterns that I design in my spare time (Which is quite rare these days!). I sold my first license last year and have since also worked freelance on creating custom designs for companies that need them.


First Craft Fair

craft fair image

This photograph isn't the very first one, but it does show my first Christmas doing the craft fairs and taught me a lot about them. My very first one was in Cardiff Met, I really enjoyed it and was soon back again before Christmas to do another one. I have since found other fairs that happen regularly in Swansea and Carmarthenshire, and am always on the lookout for others that I can take part in.


First Big Commission

I love doing commissions, working on something personal for someone is totally different to what I usually do and it's a nice change of pace. My commissions in the past have ranged from pet portraits, custom patterns and giftsets, one-off products and more. My first big commission was for a bridal party which was very exciting, which hopefully I should be able to show pictures of very soon!


First Wholesale Order

wholesale order of hedgehog pads and washcloths

Wholesale is still a fairly new thing to me, I am loving doing it though. There's something really satisfying about lining everything up at the end and making sure you haven't forgotten anything, and seeing a few hard day's work in front of you. My very first wholesale order was a range of hedgehog and squirrel things that went to a lovely boutique in a garden centre in South Wales, that I am hoping to visit soon!


First Giftshop

While the wholesale orders were shipping out, I got in touch with a place I knew locally: Myddfai Village Hall and Gifts. I had heard a lot about the work that's happened there the past few years but had never got a chance to visit before, so off I went. I had a lovely time visiting the shop, market day and the cafe on my first trip, and put some of my products into the giftshop. Since then, I have been visiting regularly for the monthly fairs (last Sunday of the month) and for a restock in the shop.


First Birthday!

Tahlia Paige gifts and accessories products at craft fair

It's crazy how quickly this first year has gone, I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout and look forward to my second year now with hopefully many more firsts, but also many more repeats on the firsts I've already listed! :)

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