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Happy New Year! Do you set yourself resolutions?

Happy new year everyone! I realise I'm a little late, a week of January has been already, but it's been particularly hard this year to get out of the Christmas relaxation mode.

Resolutions are something we all see every year, from the failed Dry Jan posts on the Facebook Feed to business owners' very organised lists of goals for the year. I don't really have a set routine myself with them each year, I see how I feel, because as a business owner I'm often writing goals and tasks for the week, month or year anyway.

It's a part of running the business that I really enjoy, I love a good to-do list that I can colour code and mark off.

So back to the question: Do you set yourself resolutions?

Are they personal, career-driven, exercise-related? 

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One resolution I always set myself is growing out my nails, I don't know why I seem incapable of doing it. I've always wanted long pretty nails but my line of work makes it quite a hard thing to do, I'd be scared of catching them in the sewing machine! And after one long weekend of wearing false nails and being unable to even open my own chocolate bar I gave up on the idea of wearing fakes, but I've always wanted to just grow my natural ones to a nice length and have them painted more often. I'll probably set that again for myself this year, and see how it goes. You'll find out watching reels of me working up close on the sewing machine.

Another one for this year for sure will be getting outside more. In the first week of Jan I have already done a number of walks, and while they may not be the longest yet, I have really enjoyed exploring new places and seeing some wildlife. Me and my boyfriend walked around the woodlands and spotted deer a couple of times, it was amazing seeing them just out in the open like that. The walks are also great for gathering photos and inspiration for future art and pattern designs too!


I guess I don't follow a typical resolution pattern in that I think you're supposed to make them like trackable or measurable, which is apparently why a lot of people fail at them. So my resolution of getting out more, should maybe be 'do 10 walks a month' but I'm pretty content with just going out more, weather and fitness depending.

I also think it's a lot of pressure in the first few days of the year, and what I like about being a business owner is how often we get to update and adapt our goals and expectations with how things change. So I think month by month as things happen, I tend to apply this to my personal life and things too. It's been a busy, stressful work month, I've probably eaten more takeaways so naturally the next month I would probably like to cut down on that a little.

For my business, I want to share a few of my goals this year with everyone, so you know what to look out for!

  • Wholesale collection! Attend trade shows, send off my catalogue, try and get my work into a few local giftshops
  • Finish and continue design courses, I'm loving my MakeItInDesign modules, and there's some new Superfast Business Wales content coming soon too
  • Expand my pattern portfolio, continue my themes and share more of my designs
  • Continue posting social media, blogs and newsletters consistently, networking with all the lovely people I get to meet doing my degree, my business and more!
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