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Happy New Year!

Another year gone already! This year for me has been so so busy with events, planning, orders, wholesale, and so much more that has made my year a really lovely one.

Some achievements I've been really pleased with this year:

- Attending events! I went to a couple of small ones last Christmas, and this year I tried to do as many as I could to make the most of the seasons and holidays, it's definitely something I want to carry on doing, but putting more research into them to avoid some of the duds that I ended up in this year!

- Wholesale. This was a huge goal for me this year, to see my products on shelves, with a goal of ten giftshops this year. I managed to hit this goal which I am thrilled with, I'll probably aim to double that by this time next year!

- Orders. I feel like I've got the hang of Etsy a bit more this year which has been great, and having this website advertising and brining in some orders, especially around Christmastime, has been lovely.

- New products. My DIY kits for Christmastime were on the to-do list for a while, and I felt like I cut it a bit fine! But they launched a little while before Christmas and I was so pleased that these went well, so I hope a few people will be sitting there this Christmas making themselves a lovely pair of handwarmers!


January is sometimes a weirdly quiet time, which is nice for me as I have some time to do some reflecting over this year and planning for the year ahead, this will include new products, new patterns, and new ideas which I am excited about!

I hope everyone has had a lovely new year and a fab Christmas break!

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