Gift that Give Back: how your purchase supports wildlife conservation

Gift that Give Back: how your purchase supports wildlife conservation

Our gift range, inspired by some of the UK’s endangered woodland species, were designed with raising awareness and giving back in mind. That’s why we linked up with some amazing organisations to donate a percentage of our profits to help out the species that we don’t get to see as often anymore.


The Hedgehog


The hedgehog has been declining for a number of decades, but this is actually a species that we can help in our own gardens. Just by putting down some water bowls and maybe some cat biscuits can help out a hedgehog on its way through. You can also help out by making sure you leave some wild garden, and moving bonfires before lighting them if they have been sat, as hedgehogs like to nest in them.

The hedgehog pattern is available across the gift range in our shop, including this lovely sleep mask. Everything you purchase with a hedgehog on it means we donate 5% of the profits to support hedgehogs. You can see the hedgehog collection here.

There’s some great information on all about hedgehogs and what to do if you spot one, this website is supported by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species which is where some of your money goes when you purchase a hedgehog product here!


The Red Squirrel

The red squirrel has also been in decline thanks to competition from greys for food and habitat, but also because greys carry disease that reds often find fatal. These are harder to help yourself unless you live somewhere very lucky where you can see them. They are mostly in safe zones around the UK to protect them against the greys via a buffer zone where the population is controlled.

Our red squirrel pattern can also be found in the shop across the whole range of gifts, including this scrunchie! Shop squirrel here.

We support the work that the Wildlife Trusts of South and West Wales do with red squirrels by donating a portion of the profits when you buy something from the red squirrel collection.

Give a gift and give back while doing so when you shop in our hedgehog collection or red squirrel collection.

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