Five Ways to Work with Me

Five Ways to Work with Me

With the launch of my wholesale collection on Faire last month, and the opening up of my commissions again, I just wanted to remind everyone about the ways that can work with me, or what I can do for you.

1. Wholesale Collection - Be a Stockist

Something I would love to do this year is get my products into giftshops, locally and nationally, so I launched a wholesale collection and a store on Faire. Faire puts our shop in front of a huge number of independent retailers, and offer a lot of great benefits to retailers who join. 

Hedgehog collection makeup bags and hair accessories lifestyle photo


My latest wholesale collection is a spin on my popular hedgehog design, it's blue based and has some cute co-ordinates in the same blue and pink scheme with it. These patterns are exclusively wholesale, I do not sell them directly in my direct shop. I also have a couple of items for sale there that I don't sell directly either, have a look!


2. License a Pattern

My patterns are a part of my business, but I design a lot that I do not use for my own products, and would love to see these go to use for others. I would also love to see my patterns on products beyond fabrics, things that I cannot make myself. Enquiries about licensing or purchasing a pattern should be send to me via my contact page or by emailing .

chameleon pattern available for hire licensing

I'm hoping to spend some time this month working on expanding my pattern portfolio, as well as arranging it a little better too! So keep an eye on this.


3. Commission Something

This could be something to think about if you wanted a gift for someone that's a little more personal, in the past I have done pet portraits, personalised pattern designs, and much more. A personal pattern design is a good one, choose a favourite animal, foods, drinks, anything really, and I would design a pattern. This can then be printed onto papers, fabrics, again a few possibilities, but can also be made into a thoughtful giftset, such as a makeup bag, some reusable skincare pads, hair accessories.

penguin commission surface pattern design


4. Hire me for some freelance design work

I love a new theme and a challenge, and I'm vey good at meeting deadlines, so if you like my style I would be very happy to give something new a go. I can always be flexible as well, just pop me an email to discuss any ideas going forward.

I have done some freelance work in the past and very much enjoyed it, another aim this year will be picking up some more regularly.


5. Collaboration!

I'm always open to working with other small businesses and designers to create something together, whether this is my patterns, my sewing skills, my digital work, there's definitely a few areas I can offer my services in, and again if it gives me the chance to see my patterns on something I am unable to create, I'm all for it.

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