walking and seeing nature in the woods around Llandovery

Five Places to See Wildlife in Carmarthenshire

Going out for a walk and spotting a deer, or a cool bird, is a fun experience, especially if you don't get to see wildlife all too often. I loved living in really rural areas for how often I could see something, because the time I spent in cities where I didn't get to see much were definitely more boring.

Carmarthenshire in Wales is a great place to see some interesting creatures out and about, it's quiet and rural, with lots of green land, woods and places for animals to hide, so you do often have to keep your eyes peeled!

1. Cynghordy, Near Llandovery

I may be a bit biased on this one, because I lived there for so long, but it's such a quiet village with lots of surrounding woodlands that I always find it a great place to see something. Above the village of Cynghordy is a road that leads to Tirabad and beyond to Trecastle, it's a long winding road through the mountains and passes through a military range. Before you get to this part though is a quiet road passing a few farms and car parks, where you can find a few walks.

One of these car parks is always a good place to see something, hares, foxes, even a barn owl which was a lovely surprise.

An image of the rural countryside of Cynghordy, Carmarthenshire

2. Golden Grove, Near Llandeilo

Golden Grove is home to Gelli Aur Country Park, where you can find a small cafe, and miles and miles of walking through woodlands. I've only started visiting last year as my boyfriend grew up around there, so it's been really nice getting to explore a new place that has been so close to home this whole time.

Golden Grove is home to a lot of deer, they graze in gardens closeby and run around the huge grounds of the country park. It's pretty unpredictable where to see them, but if the cafe and grounds are busy with people, it's likely you'll have more luck down the hills and deeper into the woods. Not only deer, I also saw a hare recently, and there's always plenty of birds too.

Golden Grove view, trees and foliage

3. Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo

Dinefwr is owned by the National Trust, and includes huge grounds, a stately home and a castle within it's borders. It's in the same area as Golden Grove, and the deer seem to enjoy the land there too. Even grazing right behind the large house, not seeming bothered by nearby people. The last time I went I saw a group of five stags together, it was lovely to see.

Dinefwr is also great for seeing birds in the woods, and perhaps some farm animals and plenty of dogs to say hello to on the footpaths!

a group of stags in Dinefwr park, Llandeilo

4. Black Mountains

The Black Mountains and surrounding areas are pretty vast, with a few roads through them but not many people living at the top. The mountains are surrounded by small villages and farms on the way down, but the quietness makes it a lovely natural spot for a walk and possible wildlife spotting.

I've seen birds of prey in particular in the mountains, and there's always plenty of grazing sheep and occasionally ponies. There is also a Red Kite feeding centre down the one side of the mountain, towards Llangadog, and I assume this is a big attraction for them.

Image in the black mountains

5.  Llyn Brianne

Llyn Brianne is home to a large reservoir, but also long winding roads through woodlands and forestry, looping around a large lake. It is almost surreal being there on a quiet day, it doesn't feel like my little village is only a few miles away. 

It's a place that I want to spend a bit more time this summer, as I'm sure it'll be a perfect place to spot some woodland creatures in the evening. It'll also be a lovely place to walk and get some steps in!

Llyn Brianne lake from a viewpoint high up in the forestry, Wales


So that's it, where do you like to go to spot some wildlife in Wales?



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