Endangered Species and their Habitats

Endangered Species and their Habitats

Endangered species are of course something we talk about quite often here at Tahlia Paige, seeing as a lot of our products and designs feature their lovely faces. Sometimes you do have to wonder how some of these creatures live, where would you spot them naturally in their habitats?


In the UK, hedgehogs actually enjoy a number of different habitats and can be quite adaptable. Woodlands would be what you expect, but they can also enjoy urban habitats, fields, bushes and gardens. They can be quite brave around humans and are quite happy to live in our backgardens, that’s why we are encouraged to add hedgehog highways into fences and walls to allow them to travel between gardens and still get around.

Hedgehog garden ideal habitat in the woodlands

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Urban hedgehogs can live in the smallest green patches in cities and towns, yet a lot of the time fall victim to roads unfortunately.


natural landscape, habitat of endangered species
Photo by NADIA LEVENETS on Unsplash

Hares are primarily found in grasslands or farmlands, you can picture their ears poking up through the long grass and them jumping through it. Although of course they also frequent woodlands, often close by grassy and farm areas anyway.

Red Squirrels

woodland habitat of a red squirrel example
Photo by Steven Kamenar on Unsplash

Red Squirrels are currently in quite small locations around the UK, mostly forest and woodland areas as they enjoy residing and spending their time in trees. They of course eat a lot of tree material such as acorns and nuts, so trees are both a fruitful and safe place for them to be.

Snow Leopards

mountain range

Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

Snow leopards are quite elusive, and the reason why it can be really hard to monitor their population is their habitats. They tend to live high up in mountains and even on cliffs and edges, some areas even going unexplored by humans because of the sheer danger of them. Snow leopards thrive here, and clearly it works for them as it helps them remain elusive and away from human life.

Giant Panda

Giant Pandas also inhabit mountain regions, although also some forestry. Much more docile than a snow leopard, they wouldn’t be scaling cliff faces but would enjoy sitting amongst the forest floor debris, looking for bamboo!

panda in its habitat

Photo by Theodor Lundqvist on Unsplash

Asian Elephants

Asian elephants are pretty easy to guess, grasslands and flat landscapes are the ideal spot to find them, as they try and avoid steep slopes or inclines as much as possible. You can also find them in forests closeby, and in spaces that have access to water pools.

asian elephant reserve
Photo by Rajiv Perera on Unsplash

Did any of these surprise you?

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