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Cutest Hedgehog Gifts in my Shop right now

Hedgehogs are a big part of what I do here. Drawing and designing, writing about, making products, and the odd occasion that I can film one.

I think what I like about them so much is their quiet personalities, I thought they were pretty silent creatures altogether until I recorded one eating and realised how loudly they like to crunch their food. They just seem content all the time.

So that's how I decided I wanted to show them in my pattern, fun and happy.


So here's a few ideas that you can find my hedgehog pattern on:


1. Reusable Skincare Pads and Accessories

hedgehog gifts and accessories, cute hedgehog giftset including a pouch with the green hedgehog illustration on, with six reusable skincare pads and a washbag

This giftset is a pretty varied set, including skincare pads, a washbag to keep them safe in the wash, and a storage pouch which could have a lot of uses around the home. I use pouches for a lot of things, especially on my travels with the various small things I have to bring around with me. The Hedgehog giftset here is a lovely gift for someone who loves animals, or pretty patterns!


2. Makeup Bag

Hedgehog patterned makeup bag cute gifts with hedgehog pattern

The Hedgehog makeup bag makes a great gift idea with the potential of making it into a fun giftset. I call it a makeup bag but in reality again it can have a lot of different uses.

For a makeup lover, I would pop in some skincare pads, perhaps some lipsticks or nail polishes. For a gardener, you could add some seed packets and a nice patterned pair of gloves. And for a sweet lover, simply fill it to the brim with favourite sweets and snacks!


3. Hedgehog Tote Bag

Hedgehog tote bag for shopping with green hedgehog pattern on the front and pink backing with white lining

This is a nice one because it is a little bigger than everything else, and shows a lot of the pattern. I've recently started using larger print too to show the hedgehog nice and big, so it's easier to see all of the details in the pattern. Tote bags have a lot of uses too, especially shopping!


So what do you think? 

Let me know if there's anything you want to see in the shop!

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