red squirrel gifts for her, a sleepmask with the red squirrel pattern design on it

Build a Giftset from a Sleepmask

A sleepmask is a very useful item throughout the year, from those sunny early mornings in the summer to those bright winter mornings on the weekend, the sun can be a massive problem with rousing us earlier than we intended!

I also find them particularly useful living in a city with streetlights so close to my house, with cheap rental blinds that let all the light in. Plenty of uses, these items are definitely a good one to base a giftset around.

Pink leafy patterned sleepmask


This is the Pink Leafy sleepmask which is on offer this week with code PINKFOL22 at checkout, as are all the other items with this pattern on!


Add a matching hair accessory

Hair accessories are a great add on, especially as they can be used for sleeping in too to help protect the hair. You can also get them matching the sleepmasks if you wanted.

pink leafy hair accessories set with scrunchie and headband


A hair accessory is a nice easy option that would suit a lot of people, if a scrunchie doesn't suit shorter hair, then a headband would be a better choice which can be used throughout the day, or during the beauty routine.


Add something to put them in

pink leafy storage pouch

A pouch is a great addition to a set because of it's many uses, its a great way of 'wrapping' the other items too because it hides them into the bundle for further surprises.


Add some essential oils, or sleep-related sprays

I personally love a sleep spray, usually a lavender one, that helps set the scene to sleep a little. This helped me a lot when I was struggling with insomnia, and a perfect gift idea for someone else who struggles or just likes the smell of Lavender.

Lastly, add a favourite snack

My go-tos would be a box of malteasers, or a truffles box. But any sweets, chocolates, salty snacks or anything would work well here too! It's always nice to get something edible, perhaps something you do not routinely buy for yourselves.


Don't forget to take advantage of sales before and after Christmas for gifts, as well as other discounts and things that can be found through joining the newletters of your favourite companies!


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