Birthday Gifts on a Budget

Birthday Gifts on a Budget

We all want to make someone feel special on their birthdays, whether that’s through an experience, or a thoughtful gift. It’s difficult when you want to give someone the world, but you have a tight budget to work with, that’s why we decided to put together some of our budget-friendly gifts and a couple of tips for helping to save money if you shop here at Tahlia Paige.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a fab gift idea, simple but thoughtful with your choice of colour and pattern, and cost-friendly, especially if you buy as a gift set and save a little money. We offer sets of five scrunchies, or sets of headbands and matching scrunchies in a range of patterns, which can come gift-wrapped as well so you don’t even need to find wrapping paper at home. 

hedgehog hair accessories on model

Skincare Bits

Reusable and long-lasting, these pieces may be small but they’re both useful and practical for someone who enjoys looking after their skin and doing their makeup. They are also great because if they already have some, it’s totally fine to add to their collection as most people are happy to expand how many they have! 

reusable face wipes with a matching washbag as a great birthday gift idea


Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with a nice bag of their favourite snacks, which can be done in discount stores and over time when offers pop up. Although the hard part is resisting eating them yourself if you start shopping early enough!

How to Save Money with Tahlia Paige

Shop our sales! Sign up to the newsletter to see when our sales are on, you may even get early access or a better discount, we also offer 10% off anyway for a newsletter signup if you’re in a rush.

Start early and shop around, pick up things during the sales and save them for the special day!

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