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All About Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants are the second species highlighted in the Endangered Asia collection, Elephants are such distinctive and captivating creatures, so it felt right to include them in my collection.

Asian Elephants are classed as endangered, with under 50,000 left in the wild. They are actually the largest land mammal in Asia, and can grow to around 21 feet in length. They are classed as endangered because over the last three generations of elephants, they have declined in number.

asian elephant photo in the wild, unique elephant gifts for her

Photo by Rock Vincent Guitard on Unsplash


Their main habitat is forestry and grassland in the south of Asia, spanning across a few countries. Their main threat is habitat loss, due to increasing human populations needing more and more room which pushes the elephants and other wildlife into smaller and smaller areas. This has altered their traditional migratory paths out of protected areas, which can put them in danger for poaching. Being allowed less space has also increased the Asian Elephant's vulnerability to factors like inbreeding, disease and more.

They are quite sociable creatures, forming groups of six or seven related females. Sometimes these small herds link together and form larger ones for short periods of time. They spend a lot of their time close to water as they need to drink every day, as well as find food, which mostly consists of grass, tree bark, leaves and roots, and also bananas and rice when it can be found.


asian elephant pattern design


Here's the pattern we created for the Asian Elephant, you can see it on a range of products here.

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