winter walks for inspiration in carmarthenshire

A Winter Walk in the Woods

I can be pretty reclusive sometimes, it's very easy to just happily exist in my flat. But then when I head out for a nice walk in the woods in Carmarthenshire, or a beach in Swansea, I remember again how lovely it is being outside and how much I enjoy it.

The woods have been a good spot over Christmas, seeing deer grazing with young, getting some steps in for the day and getting some lovely wild photos!


Carmarthenshire in Wales is quite a remote county, plenty of walks and outdoor space in the quiet if that's the kind of thing your into. I think I struggle a little with Swansea because where ever you go, there's always other people there, I think it's just a little too built up around the parks and beaches, but I would like to try and venture out more for the day and get to more remote places in the Gower.

I think the quiet is a big aspect for me, just with the better chances of seeing wildlife, and exploring areas that don't seem to be as trodden. 


If you look closely here you can see some of the deer, before they noticed us and left. Apparently once they get down as far as gardens and roads they become a lot bolder.


I also love a good sunset when I'm out and about, I would much rather see this through a wilder perspective than a built up in buildings perspective, and recently have managed to get a few amazing ones while out walking. This photo was taken about 5 minutes from my boyfriend's flat, seeing the start of it out the window gave me enough time to grab and coat and rush to a higher point to see it which I'm really glad I did.

Talking about resolutions this week, a simple goal I set for myself a few weeks ago was that I wanted to get up and shoot a sunrise, so I definitely want to do that soon before sunrise goes back to being absurdly early, where I might as well stay up a few extra hours and just watch it before bed!

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