snow leopard surface pattern design

A Discount Every Week!

October is finally here, it’s getting cold, I’m wearing two pairs of socks to my markets, and people are just starting to think about Christmas. That’s why I decided from now until the end of November (So Far!) I will be holding a 25% off sale on a pattern every week.

This means that all the products in that pattern will be available for the discount during the week of the pattern. Here’s a little guide to help if you are looking for a particular pattern:

Blue Foliage Week - 3rd October

Blue Foliage pattern design


Pink Leafy Week  - 10th October
Pink Leafy surface pattern design
Hare Week - 17th October
Hare surface pattern design
Yellow Foliage Week - 24th October
yellow foliage surface pattern design
Hedgehog Week - 31st October
Hedgehog surface pattern design
Red Squirrel Week - 7th November
red squirrel surface pattern design
Pretty Foliage Week - 14th November
pretty foliage pattern design
Green Foliage Week - 21st November
green foliage surface pattern design

So if you’ve been eyeing something for a while, here’s your chance! Or if you fancy stocking up on goodies from Christmas, also a great chance to do so. Free feel to message us with any queries or information, and keep an eye out for NEW patterns coming out soon.

If you are an email subscriber, check your inbox for the discount codes every Thursday, and across my social media!

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