3 Wild and Wonderful Ways to Style your Wildlife-Inspired Tote Bag

3 Wild and Wonderful Ways to Style your Wildlife-Inspired Tote Bag

Tote bags can be both pretty and functional, a great way to carry your essentials out and about and also add a pop of pattern to your outfit, so we put together a couple of ways you could style your tote bag with an outfit to make it stand out:

Match accessories with the tote bag

If the tote bag is mostly green, like our hedgehog tote bag here, you could try wearing a green scrunchie, green shoes or socks, or even a belt just to add a little repeat of the colour through the outfit. Perhaps if the main colour was red, you could also match it to your nails, lipstick or even eyeliner!

Use it as the focus

You could also use your bag as the statement in your outfit, by wearing all black and just let the bag be the centre of attention. This could also be combined with the first point, by adding just one accessories with an all-black look it would have an interesting pop of colour to match your pattern of choice.


Contrast, contrast, contrast!

Lastly, you could contrast your tote bag to your look. If you have blue tote bag, like our red squirrel design, you could wear something yellow or pink, something that stands apart from the colours on your bag for a bold colour blocking look. You could also try the opposite, using complimentary colours, such as wearing dark blue with a light blue tote.

Which way do you prefer to style a tote?


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